The BEST day!

This is SO exciting! I finally get to write about my wedding so if I rant - I apologize. It was held on the most beautiful private property in Manheim on a day that the weatherman said was an 85% chance of thunderstorms. However, God blessed us with a day that was sunny up until 7:00pm when everyone was under the tent dancing and celebrating. Jon and I said our vows in front of a beautiful pond surrounded by our closest family and friends who then went to eat hors d'oeuvres around the pool while we got pictures taken under the Willow trees. What you don't see is the week prior to the wedding where me - and a couple of other awesome people who were so willing to help - were up to our necks in flowers and greenery. But it all came together exactly as I envisioned it and I can't thank everyone enough for helping me pull it off! 

Check out some photos by the oh-so-talented Caitlin Gilbert Photography