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About Lips "Tu"lips Flowers

Lips "Tu"lips flowers became a dream for Michelle in 2014 and a reality in 2015. She began by  mentoring under a local wedding florist, taking classes at Longwood Gardens taught by Nancy Gingrich-Shenk, and picking up a full time job at a flower shop in Lancaster. After realizing that this was the direction she wanted to take her career, she created Lips "Tu"lips Flowers. Based out of Michelle's home in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, Lips "Tu"lips has had the opportunity to grow in a very welcoming community. Creating floral designs for all different kinds of weddings, Michelle does her very best to bring each bride's particular vision to life. 

About Michelle

Hi everyone! I'm Michelle and I'm so glad you're visiting! I'm a wedding florist and am based out of Ephrata, PA. I just recently got married to an absolute dreamboat, Jon. I'm a Christian, a wife, and a piano teacher. I'm a lover of small towns, sunshine, all furry animals, Grey's Anatomy, icing, and of course flowers. Oh! And love - love is the best and I am always so honored to get the chance to see it between the  brides and grooms I work with, all while having the opportunity to have a small part in making their fairytale come true. If I'm not flowering, responding to emails, creating or revising quotes you'll find me baking, reading, and spending time outside, or with family. I love my job and I'm so grateful for you all for giving me the chance to live out my dream.